You 🫵 have made The Village possible ❤️

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You 🫵 have made The Village possible ❤️

Well, we are officially seven 🥳, and I’m not going to lie: There have been a LOT of headaches along the way. 
How’s that for a brilliant segue into this month’s topic of headaches and migraines? 🙂
As for our birthday celebrations, I’ll be quietly reflecting on the past seven years in my happy place, on the beach and in the sun. 
In seven years, The Village has seen a lot of change, and it doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict more change in the future. 
We’ve seen so many babies born and families growing. We survived a pandemic! I took on 100 percent ownership of the clinic. We’ve poked our needles into all kinds of trouble, from debilitating stress and insomnia to trauma, autoimmune disorders and all of those chronic illnesses we don’t even have names for. We’ve helped women surf their cycles of hormones and change, collaborated with other amazing local businesses and rallied for inclusion and resilience in our local ’hood. 
This business is worthy of so much love and gratitude. And as always, we’re forever grateful for you, our community. You have made The Village possible and for that we’re forever indebted to you.❤️

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