We like to say “there’s a point for that”

We like to say “there’s a point for that”

We like to say “there’s a point for that,” but the magic really happens when we use combinations of points. We choose the combo that will get you moving forward based on your history and listening carefully to what’s happening for you right now. And right now, spring has sprung for all of us. Maybe that’s why we are seeing a huge wave of family planning! To learn a little more about how each Village practitioner navigates our patient / practitioner relationships in response to the whole gamut of family planning, keep reading.

Family planning can be tricky to talk about because it means such different things to each of us. All the more reason to talk about it! Every single person who walks through our door, no matter where they are in their parenting journey, will find help at The Village. 

Just last week in our four chairs and two beds, I had the honour to navigate six uniquely different family-planning journeys: a miscarriage in motion, the beginning of IVF injections, a long-awaited positive pregnancy test, a breech baby, a pregnancy 10 days past its due date, and a first trimester from hell. Know what they all had in common? Big feelings, including tears, grief, sadness, joy, and gratitude, for all the different phases they were walking. 

We’re not here to judge or exclude anyone, or make them feel uncomfortable. I learned a thing or two about discomfort around family planning in the six years after my son was born, when I was repeatedly asked “When are you having another baby?” Answer: I’m not, are you ok with that? Talk about making people feel uncomfortable. But I treat those people too! Frustrating? Sometimes, yes. An opportunity for growth? You better believe it. 

At The Village, we want to acknowledge and support all the many sides to family planning.

This journey is uniquely yours. There is no magic point that will poof your desired family into existence. What we CAN do is walk with you, share our experiences, hold your hand, and hug you! YES, hug you (with permission, of course). You want hot tips, I got hot tips — for each of those six people in our clinic last week, and for you in every phase of your life. 



My own experience with infertility has taught me that “family planning” doesn’t always go according to plan. I know what it’s like to have trouble getting pregnant and to lose my rainbow baby. Clearly, we’re not always in control of planning our families. 

But what we CAN do is commit to walking the journey together, no matter what happens. My work as an acupuncturist is to empower you by letting you know you are not alone, no matter where you are in the cycle of life. I am here to listen to you and support you whether you’re crying, laughing, swearing, despairing, or celebrating. I want to ease your journey however I can, whether it’s through sharing my experiences or wielding my magic needles. 

For all our advances in science and medical technology, there is no way to guarantee a pregnancy. Not everybody gets the ideal family they planned for, and that can be a bitter pill to swallow. I am here to help you move through that too. Thank you for allowing me to ride ALL the waves with you, even the rough ones, and celebrate the gorgeous little lights that do make it earthside.




I remember the messaging around pregnancy as a teen was that if you were sexually active in a cis/het relationship, you better get on the pill and use protection, as you would for sure end up pregnant! But this is so often not the case, not only because want-to-be parents are not just cis/het people but because it is often not easy! In reality, we need to get to know our bodies, figure out our hormones, deal with expectations and losses and often need outside help.

I treat people who are working towards pregnancy through many different paths: spontaneously, at-home insemination, IUI and IVF. Regardless of the method, in TCM we would love three months to get your body built up, harmonized, and ready to support a new life. But more often, I see very motivated people who are hoping to see results now! We work on stress, sleep, regulating nervous systems and I often integrate herbal formulas and food cures along with regular acupuncture treatments to support them. 

I love to work with people through conception, during pregnancy, preparing for birth and postpartum. I have been at The Village so long now that I am seeing second babes as well as so many first timers! Whatever your path – fertility support, pregnancy related nausea and aches and pains, or hormone balancing and perimenopause – I’m here for you.

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