THE ‘VID-19 

Safety COVID-19 Protocols in the Clinic

How do I book an appointment?

Use the online booking on our website. You will see a few more options as some practitioners are offering both online and in-clinic treatments. Make sure you are selecting the treatment you want!

You can book a same-day appointment, but you have to do it online to ensure contactless payment. 

No walk-ins at this time.

How do I pay?

You pay online when you book so we can process your payment without touching your card. The payment process is fast and secure. Your card will be saved on file for easy payment in future. 

We no longer accept cash at the clinic.

How are ICBC claims paid?

We will continue direct billing for ICBC claims for you. So no changes there, Phew!

What is your cancellation policy?

You will be charged IN FULL for your appointment if you:

Our online booking system allows you to reschedule your appointment 24 hours or longer in advance of your appointment time.

If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, please email us as early as possible to increase the chances that we can fill your appointment. 

When should I NOT come to the clinic?

If you’ve been out of the country or have been exposed to COVID-19, you must wait 2 weeks before coming in for an appointment. We’re all very familiar with this now!

Please reschedule if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, including:

If you DO show up with symptoms, you will be turned away and charged for the appointment. 

In other words:


To keep you safe, we will also reschedule if we have flu-like symptoms.

There are no exceptions to this policy. It is here to stay.

What do I need to do BEFORE my appointment?

You must fill out two forms to be treated in the clinic:

Plan to come alone to your appointment unless you are accompanying a minor or you need assistance.

Plan to be wearing a MASK before you enter the clinic. It can be a scarf, bandana, medical-grade or other face covering. Just be sure it’s comfortably secured so you won’t have to fuss with it. We may have masks available to purchase, but would prefer if you brought your own.

Bring or wear an extra layer of clothing because we can no longer supply blankets. It’s easy to get chilled during an acu-nap.

Please travel light and carry only one small bag or purse into the clinic with you. 

COVID-19 Guidelines for Your Visit to the Clinic

What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. If you’re late we will not be able to treat you and you will be charged a missed appointment fee. If you’re early, wait in your car or outside the door until we invite you in. 

Here’s your optional QR code 5-step “check in” process:

Step 1: When you arrive, look for the check-in signage with the QR code on the window. 

Step 2: Access the check-in page on your mobile device by either:

Step 3: Select one of these three check-in options: 

If you’ve entered a phone number or email address, you’ll receive a verification text or email shortly.

Step 4: Confirm your arrival in the new window by clicking “Check In” again.

Step 5: Put on your mask!

What happens when I enter the clinic?

Here’s what happens when you step inside:

What will be different in the clinic with COVID-19?

We’re still the same caring acupuncturists you know and love, but you’ll spot a few changes. We want you to feel safe in our space:

What do I do at the end of my treatment?

Wash your hands again! And float on out the door in a state of acu-bliss.

When you leave, please don’t let others into the clinic. We will invite them in when we’re safe and ready.