Too Busy for Acupuncture – Try The 15 Minute Treatment

Too Busy for Acupuncture – Try The 15 Minute Treatment

You’re busy.  You have a million things on the go and you can’t slow down.

You work full time (let’s be real, you likely put in extra hours every week), you have to bust it to pick up the kids, make dinner, take them to soccer, play with them, clean the house, make phone calls, get the vacuum fixed, call the internet company, and somehow get to bed before midnight.


You strive for success every day.  It’s in your blood.  It’s who you are.

You’re a…

  • business professional
  • mompreneur
  • self employed
  • graduate student
  • working parent
  • driven person!

However, where’s the time for you?  You know, you keep adding yourself to your To Do List, but it never gets reached.

You want to take care for your Migraines/Neck Pain/Insomnia/Chronic Stress/Exhaustion/Digestive Troubles/Hormonal Imbalance/Awful PMS/Mood Swings but can’t figure out how to fit it in.

We see so many people like this at The Village and we get it.  We too suffer from the endless to do list.

We try and get acupuncture treatments weekly, but sometimes just can’t fit them in.  So one day we popped on some acupuncture buttons on and went on with our day.  *Mind Blown* This is how The 15 Minute Treatment began.

The 15 Minute Acupuncture Treatment

15 min_acupuncture_treatment

Come in, grab a cup of tea and cozy up on a recliner.

We’ll sit and discuss with you what you’re wanting to work on.  We’ll take your health history and ask you general lifestyle questions.  Once we come up with a treatment plan, then we’ll begin.

Instead of our regular acupuncture points, we’ll use acupuncture buttonsacupuncture tack button

These are an adhesive with a tiny little secure acupuncture point inside.  We typically use these for pediatric patients because they don’t hurt and little ones can wiggle around without concern.

Once they are on, you are receiving an active acupuncture treatment.   We will guide you on how long to keep them on and then you are free to pick up, leave and carry on with your day.  15 minutes & done.

Here’s the awesome part, those cool little points are working 24/7.

You can be at work, home, in the car and you are getting a continuous treatment.

All you need is 15 minutes to pop into the clinic and you can get the self care you need & deserve.

And you didn’t need to rearrange your life to make it happen.


Want to come and see us for the 15 minute acupuncture treatment?

BOOK IN online (on phone or in person) for a REGULAR treatment, but let your acupuncturist know you want the 15 minute treatment with acupuncture buttons.


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