Take A Pause

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Take A Pause

Sara Ward

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As we step into November, a time for reflection and giving thanks, I want to share a simple practice I’ve embraced. 

Pause for a moment and consider this: have you ever consciously taken a pause during your day? I’ve recently discovered the brilliance of pausing, and it’s as if I’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure. Pauses, much like the Glimmers I spoke about last month, provide an opportunity for gratitude and alignment in our lives.

Often throughout my day, while waiting at a red light or a crosswalk, between patients, or when I’m cooking dinner, I pause. In that brief moment, I’m thankful to stop, take a deep breath, and truly observe my surroundings.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get lost in my thoughts, often missing the beauty of the world around me. These pauses have become a treasure trove of tiny delights. The falling leaves, strangers wearing smiles, meaningful signs, and even the crisp weather all provide a deep sense of awakening in me. 

Let’s dive deeper into the pause.

The Power of Pausing

Pausing is not just stopping; it’s a conscious choice to step out of the rush and into a space of reflection, gratitude, and alignment. When you pause, you create a calm oasis in the chaos that works wonders for your overall well-being and productivity.

Still not convinced about the power of pausing? 

Let me share three compelling reasons to embrace intentional pauses in your daily routine:

Increase Energy:

Think of your energy as the fuel for your productivity engine. We all want more of it, it’s why  a lot of you visit me at The Village. Just like a car needs a tune up, you require breaks to recharge. Intentional pauses are like hitting the refresh button for your brain, supercharging your productivity.

Decrease Stress 

Stress is a silent assassin of both productivity and well-being. Oof, read that again! It’s another reason so many people land in my chairs. Stress is a relentless force that often goes unnoticed until it’s pummeling you like the ocean making sand. Taking a pause is a proven way to decrease stress, which, in turn, improves your mood, enhances your performance, and sharpens your focus. Who wouldn’t want less of that silent assassin in their life?

Restore Alignment:

The “hustle narrative” often compels us to keep pushing without rest — an ever present battle I fight! As a capricorn I often find myself ramming my head (get it? I’m such a goat) against the wall. By incorporating intentional pauses, I gain not only balance but, more importantly, alignment. Recharging intentionally can help manage energy, increase productivity, reduce stress, and harmonize work-life equilibrium.

In a world that seems to whirl faster each day, pausing intentionally is a superpower we each possess. These moments of respite can transform our mental, emotional, and physical health, providing a sense of calm and balance in the midst of life’s chaos. It’s also what we’re doing when we are in treatment together. In fact, acupuncture doubles down on that pause, which is why you leave the clinic feeling so refreshed after a 45- to 60-minute “acu-nap.”

So, the next time you stop at a red light or find yourself daydreaming, take a moment to pause intentionally. Straighten your spine, find that alignment that manifests your deepest desires, and drop a gratitude bomb. Then carry on, leaving a trail of gratefulness in your wake and alignment in your step. Your future self will thank you for it.



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