Spectacular ‘staches

A man in the distance walking with his shadow on a white open space.

Spectacular ‘staches

This month we are excited to be sharing all the questions and answers we have around men’s health. 

Shanie Rechner

Shanie Rechner local acupuncturists smiling headshot

I have a bone to pick with Movember. From a TCM perspective it really is the wrong month to be highlighting men’s health. It should definitely be in the summer months when Yang (masculine energy) is at its peak, and not November when Yin (feminine energy) is ushering in for the year. Alas, “Mo-une” or “Mo-ly” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, so I’ve let it slide, and instead I applaud its contribution to what’s important here — spreading awareness about Men’s health (or lack thereof?)

Did you know that traditionally, the patients who often respond “the quickest” to treatment, are men? (And children, which also has to do with Yin/Yang theory) It’s true!!! So why is it, statistically, that men’s health suffers so much more? Stigmas, societal conditioning and outdated narratives are amongst the barriers when men consider getting help in the realm of health, so then how can we help the men in our lives help themselves? 

Get informed; Look into statistics and causes to better understand their experience. Better yet, strike up a conversation with your loved ones and ask for their experience. 

Ask how you can help; If you have the capacity to lend your support, this one goes a long way. It can be hard to ask for help ourselves, but if someone prompts us it can make it that much easier. You don’t have to have all the answers, sometimes just being heard can make all the difference. 

Encourage + Share resources; Sometimes dealing with our health can feel overwhelming, like we don’t know where to start. A little encouragement from lived experience goes a long way and If you’re reading this letter, you have at least one recommendation of somewhere they can land as a catch-all for their body and mind. AND NOW you also are armed with the facts that men are very susceptible to treatment…

Men, if you’re reading this do something for yourself this month that works towards your health goals. Non-binary friends and women, if you’re reading this, also do something for yourself this month, but also check in on your male peers and hold them accountable for taking care of themselves too, tis the season after all (Stands with one foot on stool and uses index finger as fake mustache.) 


Sharyn Turner

Sharyn Turner local acupuncturist smiling headshot

It’s Men’s Health month so let’s *try* to get the conversation about men’s health going because … men often WON’T! Well, most of the men I know don’t talk about their health concerns.  

Why is this? Why do most of the guys I see in my acupuncture practice come once or twice, usually for back pain, then disappear once it’s better, and I never see them again? Some will grow a ‘stache for Movember but they won’t talk about prostate cancer. Hey guys, we care about you — so please care about yourselves!

Are you not under a lot of stress? Have tinnitus? Migraines, anxiety, depression, not sleeping? Why is it so hard to ask for support? How can we make this better for you? Cos, guess what boys, we are here to help you! 

Why not make a difference for yourself this Men’s Health month? Take some time out and let our little needles work to get you to your best self. Even if you don’t have any immediate health concerns, preventative care can go a long way. Right now is prime time to use up your hard-earned benefits and improve your immunity as we edge into the winter cold and flu season. 

You just have to take the first step, make the appointment and SHOW UP for yourself.

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