September Transitions

September Transitions

Keep reading to find out how we acupuncturists roll into the September transition from the lazy days of summer to the return-from holidays, back-to-school extravaganza.

Sara Ward

I’m entering September with some pretty epic summer holidays under my belt. I feel grounded, full of creativity, and ready to serve. That being said, I’ll also be navigating the back-to-school hustle and bustle, like so many of you. Here’s how I keep this transition smooth.

I never go back-to-school shopping. Like, ever! I hate it. I’m super anti-marketing and  all that back-to-school hype grinds me the wrong way, along with Christmas, halloween, and Thanksgiving. But back to school can be tricky with ads everywhere telling your kids what they need. BAH, HUMBUG. When I find a pair of shoes my kid likes, I buy two of them in different sizes. Last year’s backpack is just fine, thank you very much, and we already have a plethora of pencils and pencil crayons. Phew, imagine living in my household. My kid struggles with transitions as much as I do, so he’ll be wearing shorts as long as he can and I’ll cross the bridge of his last year’s pants being way too short on him sometime in October.

Lunches: here we go again. I don’t stray very far from our regular menu. My son loves hot lunches, which is great for me. I just cook a little extra for dinner, pop it into a thermos, add a snack and some veg, and poof, lunch is ready. But I feel like I might be close to having him participate a bit more in making his own lunch. I’m all about shifting responsibility where I can.

My boy gets a little more independence every year. Last year he started walking himself home from school. But I’m still not ready to let go of walking him to school. It’s just so damn sweet. He still holds my hand, we chat, we set positive intentions for the day, then I’ll get a half hug about two blocks from school (which I’m learning to be ok with). We have a code that lets me know he still loves me, but I just blurt it out, much to his chagrin … I LOVE YOU, have a great day!

I’ve written all about seasonal transitions on my website. My favorite tip for kiddos who struggle with transition is the walnut bach flower remedy. You can find more about it by downloading my Fall seasonal transition.

Sara Ward


Summer was chaotic but a joy – road trip was a success (sadly no moose sightings), got some beach time in, reconnected with family, read a lot, took a course on unexplained infertility and made it through some real hot days in the clinic. 

And now September – here we go! 

I don’t know about a “smooth” transition into autumn per se but a transition it will be. I am trying for a little less catastrophizing this fall – a reframing of the narrative to “what if it is fine?” rather than the more negative what ifs that tend to run through my mind. 

That’s my autumnal goal!! (patch from my friend Julie’s store Little Bookshop in Squamish) 

There are definitely some back to school nerves at my house – I have one kid heading to grade 7 and one in grade 5 this year. I actually gain some time in the fall as I work afternoons at the Village so will have some glorious time BY MYSELF Tuesday and Thursday mornings! I’m hoping to sneak in at the end of Sharyn or Sara’s shift one of those days for a treatment to take the edge off!


Sharyn Turner local acupuncturist smiling headshot

As predicted, Summer just FLEW by! We had a blast travelling and it’s not over yet. I will be back to full scheduling in October, just in time for all your ‘use up my benefits’ visits 😉

Back to school is always bittersweet for our family. Our (angel) youngest was born the day before our eldest started Kindergarten. This year is particularly poignant because it would be her Kindergarten year. All that to say, back to school is pretty subdued around here. We don’t buy into the hype before school goes back, although I can’t believe I now have a middle schooler! Thankfully she’s pretty good about navigating new challenges and is excited to be going back.

I don’t love making lunches so we usually do heated up leftovers. My best tip for last minute backup lunch is to buy the chicken cilantro wontons from Costco. Kids can microwave in a damp paper towel for 2 minutes then pack in a thermos. Packing her own lunches and doing a few more household chores are our back to school goals for my daughter this year.

Strengthening our immune systems is also high on the list this time of year. Covid is still circulating and other nasty viruses are making the rounds so keeping us healthy is a must. Getting our acupuncture, taking our vitamins, drinking Thieves tea and getting enough sleep are high on the priority list as the weather changes. 

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