Initial Acupuncture Visit $90

Return Acupuncture Visit $70

Receipts are emailed after each visit.

Should you need financial support we’ve got your back. 

You’ll find that we have availability with our reduced price point with some of our practitioners. It’s important for us that you are able to receive acupuncture as often as you need, below are some options you can choose should you need extra financial support.

Return Acupuncture Visit $60 

Return Acupuncture Visit $50 

We are registered with MSP if you have Premium Assistance.  MSP pays for 10 acupuncture treatments per year at $23 per visit. 

Visit Premium Assistance Website


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Wednesday 10a.m.–1p.m., 3–7p.m.
Thursday 10a.m.–1p.m., 3–7p.m.
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