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Beauty and Spa center

Think of us as your acupuncture friends who roll up on a wheely chair to brighten your day with 20+ perfectly (and gently) placed needles. We have so much love for each and every person who walks through our doors, but we figured you may want to get to know us a little before you book with us.

Sara Ward
Sara Ward R.Ac.

Sara’s a problem solver who gets right to the heart of things. Intuitive, vulnerable, and empathetic, she approaches life with a wild sense of humour — so, be prepared to laugh AND cry. Sara is fully present, walking the healing journey WITH you. She’ll make you believe you’ll get through your rough patch even when you’ve lost hope. If you need further help, she’ll tap into her many contacts and build you out a team. Before you know it, she’ll be checking in and doing a little happy dance on her rolly chair to celebrate your first of many milestones.

Lisa Matsuzaki local acupuncturist smiling headshot
Lisa Matsuzaki, R.Ac., R.TCM.P

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Lisa is a perceptive, empathetic, and intuitive acupuncturist who rocks up to your side with a bright, welcoming smile. She meets your needs with an exceptional treatment plan that distills your goals and leads to meaningful change. She delves deep, empowering you with knowledge and a path to move forward. Whether an ally to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on, she’s a strong presence holding space in tough times. Her exceptional quality of care will help you realize your potential and guide you on your journey to overall wellness. All that, plus being a knitter, bread-baker, list-maker, lipstick enthusiast, and momma.

Shanie Rechner local acupuncturists smiling headshot
Shanie Rechner R.Ac., R.TCM.P

Your rock in a storm, Shanie (pronounced Shaw-nee) adds another strong grounding presence to The Village. She welcomes you as you are in the moment and keeps your unique presentation at the core of diagnosis and treatment ensuring a personalized and restorative care. With thorough analytical skills coupled with a big empathic foot forward she has a knack for guiding you through your health goals while leaving you thriving in your inner ✨main character energy✨. Without a doubt in the movie of your life, and in the realm of health, Shanie will always secure your “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” award

And for a little fun, here is the #1 reason we each love working here at The Village.

I always joke that The Village is my second baby. But it’s not really a joke. This space represents so much of who I am as a woman, mother, entrepreneur, and acupuncturist. While I can’t welcome thousands of people into my home, I can do it here for my community.

Sara Ward

Our community. The folks I treat week to week, month to month and year to year. The businesses of Hastings Sunrise. The network of other practitioners I can refer to if more support is needed. I love living and working in this community.

Lisa Matsuzaki

YOU! I love meeting you and hearing your stories, supporting your struggles and celebrating your wins with you. I am thankful every time you walk through the door and trust me to walk alongside you.

Shanie Rechner

Welcome to Reina

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Monday 10a.m.–1p.m.
Tuesday 10a.m.–1p.m., 3–7p.m.
Wednesday 10a.m.–1p.m., 3–7p.m.
Thursday 10a.m.–1p.m., 3–7p.m.
Friday 10a.m.–1p.m., 3–7p.m.
Saturday 9a.m.–1p.m.
Sunday 9am.–1pm.