What happened the first time my son asked me this.

What happened the first time my son asked me this.

and what I said…

Has this ever happen to you… “Mom what do you want for Mothers Day?” A couple of years ago my son asked me this and here’s what I said, “Think about the things that I love, brainstorm, and create! I will be happy with anything.”   I thought this could be the beginning of a new special family tradition.

They came back with a cookbook (which is the ultimate gift since there’s moratorium on me buying anymore – BIG WIN).

Then the boys choose a recipe, shopped, and prepared a meal for me.  They marked the recipe with a sticky note and the year it was made in the cookbook. And just like that a tradition was born.

However much like Valentines, you don’t need a day to tell someone you care, love and appreciate the things they do.  And if you’re feeling stuck about it all….acupuncture to the rescue! We’ll get those creative juices flowing on how you can appreciate mom on a regular basis, so you can be the generous giving human she’s always wanted you to be.  As a matter of fact, why not book her in for a treatment, perhaps something you can to together: side by side. BOOK NOW

Mothers day is this Sunday and here at The Village we hold space for women that are expecting their first or fifth child, women who have lost and are mourning, women who are patiently waiting for the adoption to go through, women choosing fur babies, no babies, their career, their passions, their need for quiet time and space, women waiting for their IUI or IVF transfer day, women who struggle with their relationships,  women who are in the planing stage, women who are seeking a female role model to hold their hand and tell them they are doing a great job, and the list of women goes on.

We want to tell all the WOMEN out there that you are AMAZING.

Thank you for showing up for yourself and those in your lives. You don’t have to be a mother of a baby to celebrate your ability to nurture. We want to celebrate your success as a woman leading the pack, defying patriarchy to create equality, and making a difference in someone’s life.

Women, Mothers, Humans. We applaud you and love every effort you are making to put one foot in front of the other.

With all our love and support,

The Village Team

PS: We want to know how we can better serve you. Send us an email about any topics you’d like us to talk about from an acupuncturists’ perspective. Just hit Reply & send us your thoughts

PPS: Know another woman that might need this? Forward it on to them. We are here to serve.

Your acupuncture friends,
The Village Team

 Yes to the Best Mothers Day Gift Ever!

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