Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

You know how they say good things come in threes? It must be true, because on the third month of this year (yes, March!) we’re celebrating three short years since we took the leap of faith, trusted our third-eye vision, and opened our doors here at The Village.

Looking back, we couldn’t be happier with how The Village Community Acupuncture has met and exceeded our original vision. On that fateful opening day of March 4, 2016, we were naive, full of hope, and determined to succeed. There were only two of us and we saw a grand total of two patients.

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Amazingly, over those first days our patient list grew exponentially, from three to seven to ten-plus patients per day. At the time, even though our doors were open a mere three half-days a week, we were ecstatic to be creating a supportive community of likeminded people — or, we should say, co-creating with you! (And we couldn’t be more happy that some of you “early adopters” are still among our most loyal clients.)

The growth of that first year never entered the red. While naysayers are loud about new businesses failing, we surrounded ourselves with a loving inner circle of folks who had our backs and set us on fire. Three months in, we were able to hire our first practitioner and expand our hours.

Fast forward to today, three years later. We’re now open seven days a week with five practitioners, and we’re building a second community in Toronto.

How is it that our exponential growth continues? Honestly, it’s you. We’ve thanked you before, but we want to shout it out again: THANK YOU. Your loyalty and dedication to your own health keeps us showing up every day. Our clinic has become this amazing resource because of you, our community.

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Here’s the number one question we get all the time: Why do you do what you do?

Remarkably, each of us working in the clinic shares this answer (go ahead and ask): “TCM helped me, and I wanted to give back, so I started studying and, voila, here I am today.” Not always easy to put this feeling into words, but you could call it gratitude.

As a clinic. our ongoing mission is to stay really clear on WHAT we do and WHY we do it.

Our WHAT is providing acupuncture for the masses.

But our WHY has evolved beyond wanting to pay back what we, ourselves, got from acupuncture. It even goes past wanting to bring you affordable and accessible health care. Heck, our why is even bigger than loving what we do (and yes, we know how lucky we are to jump out of bed in the morning excited to go to work).

Our big WHY is that we are, in our heart of hearts, changemakers. We want the selfish joy of watching you claim your birthright of deep physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

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As a team, we’ve got a whole bag of tricks to help you do this. But in a nutshell, we VALIDATE who you already are, and help you RELEASE the sting of any negative labels you’ve taken on no matter how catastrophic they might seem. In this way, you can start building resilience from your first visit.

So good things DO come in threes. We’re three, March is the third month, and we have every intention of bringing you three more years of incredible health care!

With spring just around the corner, we want to keep up this momentum of three by offering you three tips and tricks to prepare your body for the change of season.

  1. Get more acupuncture — like, maybe, three more treatments in March (sorry, we can’t help ourselves)
  2. Eat young foods (think pea shoots, green foods, foods that put a “spring” in your step)
  3. Stop binge-watching Netflix and go outside to be part of the new growth springing up all around you.

With that, we bid you adieu until we see you for your next treatment … or three!

The Validating Village!


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