Forget Tylenol & Advil – Try Turmeric Instead

Forget Tylenol & Advil – Try Turmeric Instead

I’m sure you’ve heard all the great benefits of turmeric recently and it’s popping up everywhere: in smoothie bars, candies, hot turmeric milk, etc.

However, did you know that at the right dose, turmeric is as effective (if not more) than some over the counter pain relievers?

There’s been some great research on the anti-inflammatory compound curcumin, which is a component of turmeric.  So much so, it’s possible to ditch your bottles of Tylenol, Advil, and Naproxen and instead use this natural spice to diminish your pain.

In the Journal of Pain Research, Thorne Meriva 500 SF (curcumin supplement) was tested against pain killers such as Tylenol and Advil.


It was shown that Meriva is not only effective for chronic pain, but can also blast away acute pain such as headaches, dental, neck, shoulder, and low back pain.  

Meriva was equally pain relieving as Tylenol at 1-2 hours post ingestion of the curcumin supplement.

And get this, if taken at 2g (Meriva) it worked better than Tylenol.

Crazeballs. EMOJI ooooh

Not only that, but curcumin helps:

  • Reduces inflammation (hence being as effective as NSAIDS like Advil)
  • Inhibits & Desensitizes Pain stimuli (hence being more effective than Tylenol)
  • Helps Increase Liver Function
  • Stimulate Bile formation and Gallbladder emptying
  • An Antioxidant

How Do I Take It

Based on the research, the best way to take Meriva in place of regular pain killers for acute pain is

4 capsules, 2 x/day

The pain relieving effects are usually felt within 2 hours.

Some people do take a lower dose of 3 capsules, 2 x/day and the average time pain relief begins is within 3 hours.

If you’d like to read more, you can read the study here:  Journal of Pain Research

Guess what if you combine Curcumin + Acupuncture – the pain relieving combo from the heavens! lol  We’ve seen great benefits of these two therapies together, which is why we have Thorne’s Mervia 500 SF available at The Village.

**We’re sharing this for informational purposes.  Please discuss and review with your family doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen.



  • Stefanie

    Hey 🙂 love this! I am a TCM practitioner in Victoria. I looked up this product, not sure how to purchase it in Canada, where do you get it from? Thx!

    • Tara Akuna

      Hi fellow TCM colleague 🙂 You can buy Thorne in Canada and is usually sold through health practitioners. You can contact Thorne to open an account or look for some websites selling Meriva-HP online. I believe sells it and they are based out of BC.

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