Don’t DETOX this year

Don’t DETOX this year


Don’t detox this New Year, try FILLING up your cup instead and see how much better that feels.

speaking headJanuary is that really you?

Well you all know what that means… goals have been set, resolutions have been made, and we plan on holding you accountable!

Did you know that New Year’s resolutions tend to fail around the 3rd week of January.  But not this year!  Below are some handy tips that will keep you strong through the darkest days and until spring is ready to grace us with its presence.

It’s all so common to hear people say they are DETOXING after the holidays, and while we love a good detox, we would highly recommend FILLING your cup rather than eliminating foods and friends in the crucial time where warmth and love is needed most. Yes, you may have had an emotional train wreck of overdoing it with family and friends, drinks and food.  While we suggest laying off the cheese and wine for a few days we won’t let you jump on the detox wagon… not this year.

Here’s some simple ways to transition health into your everyday by easing digestion, calming your mind, and setting boundaries to embrace for a world of excitement and change in 2019.

  1. RE-ASSESS YOUR INSURANCE: don’t leave your insurance dollars to the last minute, plan your money wisely.  Get more acupuncture!  We’re a sliding scale, which = AFFORDABILITY. You can budget us in once a week, twice a month, or once every other month.  Make your insurance money work for you. Come in for a visit & we’ll set you up on a new health plan to see you through the year.
  2. BITTERS: feeling bloated, constipated, heartburn, cravings, or a general upset tummy?  Add a good herbal bitter to your daily routine.  Here’s why: bitters help relieve digestive malfunction. Taking them before a meal will prepare your stomach for the coming meal & help you better digest and absorb your food. We trust our very own local TCM doctor-extraordinaire: Angela Foran from Shanti Herbal Solutions you can shoot us an email requesting an order and we’ll have it for you in the clinic in no time.  We also love Canadian Bitters from St. Francis Herb Farm, which you’ll find at your local healthfood store and even Superstore.  Don’t eliminate, add, and be kind to your body.
  3. DRINK MORE WARM WATER:  Yup, move over Starbucks, we’re recommending to leave the holiday sugar drinks behind and just rock up to the counter and ask for a big ol’ hot mug of water! it’s free (if you bring your own mug), won’t leave your credit card feeling hot, and will improve your digestion and boost your immunity.
  4. UP YOUR FITNESS: before you say “I want to loose 10 lbs” say, “I’m committing to a lifestyle change that includes more movement”. If you need referrals to some outstanding local gyms, or studios we know some great ones in the ‘hood. Check out GrindHouse Athletics (join Sara at the 6AM classes, plus get a free week trial, and let them know Sara sent you) ,or Green Room Yoga just a few doors down from us you can make an afternoon out of yoga and acupuncture.
  5. CREATE AN INNER CIRCLE: This is key for us here at The Village. We’re your instant inner circle (and within that we each have our own inner circle) that’s cheering YOU on no matter what.  Choose your people wisely: ones you love and trust to always support you and never tear you down.

If this list doesn’t light your fire, we sure will when you come in for treatments.  Ask us how we’re implementing our personal resolutions and prioritizing our top 3 values. More to come on that in February’s newsletter.

Your acupuncture friends,
The Village Team

Yes, I want to FILL my cup

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