Sara Ward As we step into November, a time for reflection and giving thanks, I want to share a simple practice I’ve embraced.  Pause for a moment and consider this: have you ever consciously taken a pause during your day? I’ve recently discovered the brilliance of pausing, and it’s as if I’ve stumbled upon a […]

Sara Ward October can be a tricky month for me, as it’s filled with triggers that make me feel like I’m navigating a field of emotional landmines. But recently, a dear friend, who radiates positivity and reality like a beam of sunlight, introduced me to something called “glimmers.” Let me catch you up on this […]

We’re diving into random things this month, writing what is calling us. Consider this a final freedom before we circle back to our regular programming. As always, reading what my fellow practitioners write is a highlight of my month. Sara Ward Someone recently asked me about the life of an acupuncturist, and you know what? […]

This month we are highlighting this amazing neighbourhood we live and work in. You’ll see plugs for our favourite restaurants and small businesses, ones we support on the regular. Sara Ward Being a small business owner means I’m a steward of the neighbourhood I live and work in. Over the 12 years I’ve been in […]

This month we are diving into our favourite sun-care tips and tricks. So be sure to stick around and read through what each of us is doing this summer. Sara Ward Lately, I’ve been fixated on my hands, scrutinizing every sunspot and wrinkle that’s making its grand entrance. It’s a strange obsession, I know, but […]


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