It’s just me all by my lonesome for the next two months, so I’m grabbing this opportunity to dive into some personal stories. I’ll kick off with a transition that was quietly put in motion a year ago. (And, just so you know, this was written with full mutual permission for transparency.) Once upon a time, there […]

Here comes your sneak-peek into our views as practitioners on both treating and living with mental health issues. Grab a cuppa-something and curl up with our powerful perspectives as we each navigate mental health! So I had this conversation with my almost 9 year old the other day. I could see he was struggling with something […]

During this annual media blitz of hearts, love, and relationships, we are taking a different approach. We’re going to take you to the heart of why we became acupuncturists in our practitioners corner.  As part of that, we’d love to hear from you this month. Hit reply and tell us what you appreciate about the […]

This month, our team’s practitioner corner is full of hot tips. We usually keep these treatment-boosting secrets exclusively for our patients, but we’ve decided to do a little New Year’s share. This way, even if you usually see only one of us, you can now benefit from our collective wisdom. So, here we go, with […]


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