All In or All Out?

All In or All Out?

It’s just me all by my lonesome for the next two months, so I’m grabbing this opportunity to dive into some personal stories. I’ll kick off with a transition that was quietly put in motion a year ago. (And, just so you know, this was written with full mutual permission for transparency.)

Sara Ward

Once upon a time, there were two best friends — soulmates, really — who dreamed of becoming business partners. 

In 2016, Tara Akuna approached me about opening up an acupuncture clinic. She knew I shared her dream of owning an open-concept space where healing would be contagious. A space that would feel as welcoming as our living room, but where no one would ever step on a piece of Lego. 

So we did it! I knew exactly where the clinic should be located, and our shared desire pulled this very space into our orbit. After many long, hard hours with both our husbands, kids, and grandparents pitching in, we opened our doors for the first time. Still to this day, it’s a family affair, where you’ll see my husband and dad tinkering, making small improvements. 

We weathered many changes together, including Tara’s move out of province and several massive personal losses. We even got through COVID. 

But, then, last year around this time, I hit the wall. I’m talking full burnout. 

Despite this clinic being my lifelong career goal, the responsibility was crushing me. I wanted to quit my job as an acupuncturist and business owner. I was ready to sell the clinic and retire, despite loving my job. 

Since Tara now lived in Ontario, she couldn’t take on running the clinic from a distance. 

I had a choice: all out or all in? 

I chose to go all in, taking over the space as sole owner of The Village. I rallied my personal health care team to bolster me through this GIANT transition from partnership to solopreneur and lone decision maker for this beautiful place Tara and I had created together. 

Tara and I have been each other’s person for years. Long may we continue! This month marks the one-year anniversary of that difficult but beautiful transition where two best friends parted ways as business partners, in this venture. 

Since then, I’ve made many subtle changes in the clinic, like bringing in new chairs, returning the beds post-COVID, overhauling the website, starting up a consistent newsletter, and searching for a new acupuncturist, who I’m happy to say I’ll be introducing you to next month!  

You are my people and I am forever grateful for your support. Some of you have known about this giant undertaking and have quietly rallied, letting me cry on your shoulder or vent when I needed it. Thank you, all!

This space is my second home and you people are my extended family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to believe that this space deserves a spot in our incredible neighborhood. 

With much love and oh so much sun, thank you!



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