Acupuncture is for everyone

Rainbow pride flag waving in the wind

Acupuncture is for everyone

We’re celebrating Pride and men’s health this month by promoting health and wellness for all. We have created a caring and compassionate environment where you can feel supported and empowered to be your true self. We believe there’s no better way of honouring the journey you’re on than showing yourself some extra love and care.
Sara Ward

Sara Ward headshot

If you are seeking acupuncture for pain, reproductive health, and mental wellbeing. 

I see you and I’m here to help.

Lisa says it best: “Acupuncture is for everyone.” (It’s written all over our business cards.) Acupuncture is a gentle and effective way to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve overall mental wellbeing. 

What I know for sure is that we can only change ourselves, so we owe it to our inner beings to show up and seek care that feels right.

One of my biggest passions is reproductive health. Whether you’re exploring options for hormone therapy, managing the physical and emotional aspects of fertility treatments, or surfing any other hormonal body changes, I’ll support you every step of the way. 

So don’t let fear hold you back. I’m here to help you feel your best, with compassionate, inclusive and nonjudgmental care. Together, we will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and helps you achieve your personal goals.

Lisa Matsuzaki


Acupuncture is for everyone.

That’s it. 

I want everyone and anyone who walks through the door at The Village to feel welcome and comfortable in the space, as well as safe and supported with me. 

Affirmative and inclusive healthcare is incredibly important to me because everyone deserves to be cared for without the fear of oppression, discrimination or judgment. It is my goal to ensure that all folks feel heard, respected and taken care of when they are with me because acupuncture is for everyone.

Sharyn Turner

Sharyn Turner local acupuncturist smiling headshot

I think Lisa said it for all of us: Acupuncture is for everyone. 

As well as being Pride month, it’s Men’s Health month, so I will reiterate what I said last time: Fellas, we care about your health. Acupuncture is for everyone — including men! All you have to do is SHOW UP! We can help you do the rest.



Shanie Rechner

Shanie Rechner local acupuncturists smiling headshot

Pride month is among us, and as it turns out, there is no better month to represent this community. While we know pride celebrations stem from the anniversary of the Stonewall riots/gay rights movement which occurred in June 1969, a fellow acupuncturist* outlined it best when he elaborated from a TCM lens  “Late June is the brightest of the bright, the most yang of all yang, the time in which the sun shines longer than any other time.”

Reading that the first time left me with the widest of grins, as it felt like there was no depiction more accurate of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and culture – bright and vivid lights.
I wish you the happiest of Prides, and extend a big thank you to you all for showing up exactly as you are.
*Fellow acupuncturist is Christopher Peacock – click here for the full written piece on Pride + Yang.

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