6 Things We Love About Working Here at The Village

The Village Community Acupuncture

6 Things We Love About Working Here at The Village

This month we are sharing 6 things we love about working here at The Village. For starters, we have so much love for each and every one of you who walks through our doors. We’ve seen each other through so many ups and downs in the last few years, so let’s celebrate. Feel free to hit reply and tell us what YOU love about The Village.


I’m not even sure I can capture all the things I love about practising here at The Village. When I got the keys to this space six years ago, it was a dream come true. We continue to evolve, but our goal remains the same: to facilitate your health so you can be the bright and shining light we know you are. This community holds us all. 


  1. Baby #2. I always joke that The Village is my second baby. But it’s not really a joke. This space represents so much of who I am as a woman, mother, entrepreneur, and acupuncturist. While I can’t welcome thousands of people into my home, I can do it here for my community. 


2. Healing with YOU. Sometimes I wonder who has done more healing in this space, me or my community. You have all touched me in ways I won’t ever be able to express. The growing families, the healing milestones, that look of “holy shit, where has my pain gone?” and, of course, the tears, the laughs and the full-on rolly-chair dances. Your absolute support over the last 6 years has reassured me that, together, we’re going to be ok.


3. The acupuncture. Seriously, I’m still blown away every day by the awesome power of these tiny needles to relieve symptoms and shift people out of stuck places. You may not know this, but I’m an absolute baby when it comes to receiving acupuncture. That’s why, if you show up in my chair a little needle nervous, I’ve totally got you. 


4. Your vulnerability. I love to listen, to absorb, to help you put the puzzle pieces back together for a stronger version of yourself. Hearing your stories and walking the healing journey with you is an absolute honour. 


5. This Team. Lisa and Sharyn are firecrackers in my life and the lives of all their patients. I love them to pieces. They give this space the pulse that ripples through our community. Watching them thrive not only as entrepreneurs, but also industry leaders, gives me all the happy feels.


6. Walking through the front door. There is a moment every day when I hold the keys in my hand, unlock the door, and step into the most grounded version of myself. I immediately smell gratitude mixed with the clinic’s signature minty scent. The faint traffic noise, the hum of soft music, the whispers, the loud talkers, and the occasional snores make me love this space even more. There is a vortex in the middle of this clinic pulling us all into a safe space where we can leave our worries, stressors, fears, pain, and grief behind. We hear your most intimate stories. We are secret keepers. But let’s not keep The Village a secret! There’s a lot of healing yet to do, and we want to lead the charge in healing you and our community.


  1. YOU! I love meeting you and hearing your stories, supporting your struggles and celebrating your wins with you. I am thankful every time you walk through the door and trust me to walk alongside you.
  1. Sara and Lisa — as many of you know, these ladies are amazing. I love the encouragement and support they give me. They are generous with helping brainstorm and troubleshoot tricky cases.
  1. Our space. It’s cozy, it’s mellow, it’s inviting. You feel relaxed once you walk in. 
  1. The variety of ailments that show up every shift. Every day is different and I learn so much every time I’m in the clinic.  
  1. Our neighbours. The Village is located in such a great neighbourhood. It’s one of the reasons I specifically wanted to work here. 
  1. My work days don’t feel like work. I love what I do, where I do it, who I do it with and who I do it for. Thank you again for making my days great!


  1. Our community. The folks I treat week to week, month to month and year to year. The businesses of Hastings Sunrise. The network of other practitioners that I can refer to if more support is needed. I love living and working in this community.
  1. That The Village is for everyone. We have tried to create a safe space for all and welcome all folks into our space.
  2. The relationships. Because I have been at the Village for almost 4 years I have gotten to work on first and now, second babies, watch families grow and change, slog with them through 2 years of a pandemic, support folks through massive transformations, had beloved patients move away and seen them thrive.
  3. The collective healing energy of our space. I recently wrote bell hook’s quote on The Village’s sign “healing is an act of communion” as it has always resonated with me. I deeply feel that our communal space and shared intention for healing is so vital to our healing.
  4. The freedom to treat each patient as an individual. You will rarely see me using the exact same points or treatment plan. I treat the whole person and use herbs when needed, will layer in Korean Hand Therapy or auricular points depending on what is going on. 
  5. The team at The Village. Grateful for Sara for being at the helm of The Village and both Sara and Sharyn for practising alongside me.

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  • Mari-Ann Ward

    I agree that your space is a remarkable, calming, healing space. I love it! Thank you.

    And congratulations on your new web site. It’s beautiful and sheds light on so many aspects of the clinic. Can’t wait till my next visit.

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