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We’re local entrepreneurs, moms, acupuncturists and we’re following our dream. We have set our sights on creating a space that feels like you are coming home. We are in constant admiration of the rich community spirit in this area and feel blessed to be a part of it. We believe that  helping  individuals feel better is a small but important piece of the larger work of collective healing here at The Village Community Acupuncture. Because we’re all experts of our own experience, we approach our work from a body-positive, self-nurturing and gender-inclusive place. We welcome you to our community space with an open heart to meet you where you are in your healing journey.

We pride ourselves on being able to treat almost anything that comes through our doors; therefore, none of our acupuncturists specialize in one particular area.  We all have lots of experience treating many different conditions.  We believe that acupuncture is helpful for most problems based on patients being able to get enough treatments. 

Sara Ward R.Ac.

co owner & acupuncturist

Does it really matter where she came from? Ok, maybe it does, she’s the result of two amazingly strong-willed (some may say stubborn) parents who taught her to follow her dreams and surround herself with people that will love and support her. So at 17 yrs old, she went off to university a long way away. Then was cheered on when she decided to live and work in South Korea for three years later. They watched her blossom as she drove across the country to follow a boy (who’s now her husband). Today, as a mom of one, a wife, daughter and sister to three, she has landed right here in the heart of East Van to serve you, her people. 

Who is Sara as a practitioner?

Sara’s a problem solver, she’s a get – right to the heart of the matter – kinda girl (she can also read your body language and know if you’re ready for it, so don’t worry if you’re not up for being vulnerable quite yet). As a person Sara’s intuitive, empathetic and approaches just about everything with a strange sense of humour. (yup, during a course of treatments with Sara you’ll laugh-cry or maybe just cry-cry, trust us, it’s all good).

You’ll see her being present and walking the healing journey WITH you, on guard for your safety and holding secrets so big you’d want to sit down and have a cup of tea with her. She’s a vulnerable person that will fold you in as though you’re family. 

Sara’s personal motto is “of course acupuncture can treat that, why didn’t you come to me first?” … unless it can’t, then she’ll refer you to someone that can (and knows and trusts).

Sara’s referral contacts are ever expanding, she prides herself in building you out a team “‘cause you can’t heal all by yourself”. She’ll make you believe you’ll get through your ‘rough patch’ even though in the back of your mind you’re rolling your eyes at her. Ya, she’s got you, then when you least expect it she’ll be checking in and doing a little happy dance on the rolly chair celebrating your first of many milestones. That’s just the kind of girl she is.

Tara Akuna R.Ac.

co owner & acupuncturist

Who is Tara as a practitioner?

Tara’s a truth seeker with her finger on the pulse of what’s new and hot. She’s ready when you are to geek out about your health. She’ll deep dive into worlds unknown to you that will literally put a pep back in your step when she pulls out her treatment pad.  

Tara wants to know what goes on behind closed doors, she’ll sniff out whatever you’re hiding or feel too scared to share, but don’t worry, your secrets are in good hands (she has an uncanny way of getting to the root of the problem). In fact, as a child, x-ray vision was the super power she wished she had (and has now honed as an acupuncturist) so she can cut right through people’s sludge and laundry list of symptoms.

In treatments you’ll see Tara scroll through her Rolodex of tips, tricks, tools and referrals to guide you back to feeling great again. You’ll rediscover the passionate and happy person that you remember yourself to be (or maybe even a better version of that) and feel amazing in your body.

Tara will follow through, check in and keep you on track to the new you. She’ll tell you that acupuncture is the first and best place to start if you want to see results, her treatment plans are bar none as you begin to trust the process and experience change. She’s here to facilitate, support and cheer you on. The best thing about Tara is you could be crying your face off in a woe-is-me kind of way and her answer will always be …”GOOD, now let’s work with that!” she’ll have you feeling all the feels and owning them with comfort and ease.

Lisa Matsuzaki, R.Ac., R.TCM.P

acupuncturist & herbalist

Meet Lisa:  Acupuncturist / Herbalist / Designer,     Knitter / Breadmaker / List-maker / Lipstick enthusiast,  Daughter / Mother / Sister / Friend, Authentic / Creative / Compassionate / Joyful – Lisa has held many different titles over the years and now uses all her life experiences as a practitioner at The Village. She’s grateful and happy every day for her career and infuses each work shift with that joy! Originally from B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, Lisa now lives and works in East Van with her family.

Who is Lisa as a practitioner?

Lisa is a perceptive, empathetic and intuitive acupuncturist. She will meet your list of needs with an exceptional treatment plan as she carries with her a unique ability to distill your goals, and prioritize meaningful change, to organize chaos, and get shit done! Her intentions as a practitioner are: 1) prevention 2) healing and 3) maintenance. She connects with patients to create supportive and healing relationships to optimize their health. Lisa delves deep with her patients in order to collaborate and empower them with knowledge, understanding and a plan to move forward.

Lisa’s always available as a confidante with an open heart and mind, an ally to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on or as a pillar of strength and guidance. She’s a presence you’d like to find yourself beside, a mother that extends her care to you, a woman that will hold space when you’re at a loss of words, a force to be reckoned with when she rocks up to your side with a bright welcoming smile. With Lisa, you will find a practitioner who provides an exceptional quality of care and has all the tools to help realize your potential and guide you on your journey to overall wellness.

Karolina Kluska R.Ac.


Karolina was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada at the age of 5 with her parents and grandparents seeking freedom and opportunity in fabled North America. The only daughter of ambitious and hard working parents, their family prioritized connection to the wilderness with frequent skiing, hiking and camping trips in the Rocky Mountains, instilling in Karolina a deep reverence for nature. Sprinkled from wanderlust from an early age, Karolina discovered her affinity for travel and exploration of spiritual, mystical and healing arts of eastern cultures.

Her deep fascination with natural healing lead Karolina to study Holistic Nutrition, allowing her passion for health to grow as she built her practice guiding and supporting her community, championing food as medicine. A dedicated yogi and accomplished kitchen witch, often engrossed in preparing nourishing ancestral foods, steeping tea or bone broth in her East Van home.

Who is Karolina as a Practitioner?
Karolina’s strength as a practitioner is rooted in her deeply intuitive ability to meet people exactly where they are. She understands that we’re not the same person (or the same body) a month ago or even this morning. Your bespoke treatment will be curated to your health objectives in rhythm with the seasons and your season of life.

Her recent experience in frontline and harm reduction work has fostered a trauma-informed approach to care that she will carry forward in her service to you: her community.

Her approach is imbued with empathy, compassion, down to earthiness & humor. You’ll feel like she’s your treasured friend and neighbour for as long as you can remember.  However, if you’re feeling less open she will be the container you need to process your less fluffy feels. Believe us, she knows where you’re coming from and will respect your vibe no matter what!

She appreciates the human body to be a dynamic, living circuit board and the art of acupuncture as a vital conduit in facilitating connectivity to all parts of the body, helping the body heal itself. She’ll bring your body into a harmonious state, relishing special attention on balanced mental and emotional health.

Well acquainted with the toll modern life can take, Karolina will support you wholeheartedly in discovering your power to cope, deal, heal and learn on your unique journey. She’s your champion and wants you to live you best life by cross referencing treatment options and connecting with her growing network of wellness practitioners to have your covered in a warm fuzzy blanket of care.



Camille Roch


Camille is no light weight. She is fiesty and knows what it means to have your back, because that’s the way her family rolls. She’s slayed a few dragons in her time, and is ready to help you slay yours. She understands what it takes to overcome obstacles, thrive and make a plan for a bright future even in uncertain times.

Camille comes from a hard working blue collar Ukrainian family. Growing up alongside her grandfather, in his garden, were magical and influential years for her. She learned the importance of eating real foods and as gramps always said, “No waste here” including the hoards of preserves, canned goods and perogies in the root cellar – just in case. While her mother was always dragging her into the health food stores growing up. Her mother was a remarkably strong woman who struggled with mental health issues which fueled Camille’s interest in searching for more integrated and holistic ways of health and healing.

Initially, Camille completed her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts at Concordia University (which is another of one of her passions) but… she always wanted to continue her studies in a field where she could help people live their best and healthiest lives. Focusing on prevention, preservation, and general well being is her top priority.

When Camille is not working she enjoys yoga, hiking, doing arts with her children, cooking, sewing, drawing, reading, making perogies, and of course spending time with her large, big hearted loving family in East Vancouver.

Who is Camille as a practitioner?

As a long time Vancouver resident, Camille has a clear and compassionate understanding of the complexity of living in a vibrant city where at one moment you could be hiking in the mountains and the next stuck in gridlock traffic. Having lived in rural communities for a large portion of her life prior to moving to East Van she has had some deep insight into the impact of city living on our minds, bodies and our hearts. She is committed to supporting people through the path of acupuncture and dedicated to healing and helping you find a sense of equanimity.

Camille thrives on the challenge of discovering the most attuned treatment plan that honours and respects each individual’s unique needs. Camille is approachable, sensitive, attentive and has a great sense of humour; you’re guaranteed to feel completely at ease while in her care. Camille will patiently and tenaciously work to create a care plan that will empower you to live a healthy balanced life.


Happy Clients

“ Most effective acupuncture I've ever had (and I've had lots). ”
“ Always really pleased with my acupuncture treatments, the helpful conversations with my acupuncturist, and the cozy/relaxing environment at The Village. ”
“ I am very happy and grateful, thank you so much for the whole experience, and for listening so patiently and giving feedback as well. The procedure helped immediately and the environment was beautiful and comfortable. I felt welcome, heard and held. ”
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Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC